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Despite its ghoulish associations, Halloween is one of the most wholesome, fun holidays of the year. Born from traditions such as Samhain, the Irish holiday during which people walked the streets in costumes to scare away spirits, and the Catholic holiday All Saints Day, which honored saints and martyrs.

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Who Dunnit First??

07 Jul, 22

With so many stories surrounding its origin, the famous ice cream sundae is as mysterious as it is delicious! While Ithaca, New York stakes its claim as the first to enjoy this frozen delight, Two Rivers, Wisconsin has a creation story all its own as well!

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Back in 1927, the Blumenthal Chocolate Company introduced chocolate-covered raisins to the United States. In 1984, Nestle acquired the company. Now, Nestle’s Raisinets are the 3rd highest grossing candy in US history!

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