The best kinds of gifts show friends, colleagues, and clients how much you appreciate and admire them—and how much you want to see them succeed! That’s why we’re now partnering with businesswoman, speaker, and international best selling author, Sharon Lechter, for a new series of gift boxes that will inspire you to reach your goals and achieve success.

Sharon Lechter, co-author of the international bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad, has released several books in conjunction with the Napoleon Hill Foundation that deliver encouragement and motivation for everyone from the aspiring entrepreneur to the seasoned business executive. Our new gift boxes feature three of these books:


Three Feet From Gold

 Lechter’s Three Feet From Gold tells of a struggling young entrepreneur as he meets successful business leaders and learns their inspirational stories. This books is all about turning obstacles into opportunities, and those who read it will be reminded never to give up—they may be only three feet from gold!

Our Three Feet From Gold Gift Box featuring this book also comes with gold-colored double citrus cookies and an exclusive tea with a stainless steel infuser.


Outwitting the Devil

Written over 70 years ago and newly annotated and edited by Lechter, this insightful parable shows how procrastination and jealousy can prevent personal success. Readers will learn to conquer fears and overcome failure in order to reach their goals!

Our Outwitting the Devil Gift Box also comes with a small bag of gourmet roasted coffee and three of our sinfully delicious S’mores cookies.


Think and Grow Rich for Women

Lechter’s Think and Grow Rich for Women delivers 13 Steps to Success through the experiences of successful and significant women, focusing on the strengths and triumphs of these female entrepreneurs. This is an exceptional gift for the businesswoman in your life!

Our Think and Grow Rich for Women Gift Box also comes with a Gourmet Brownie Gift Tower and an exclusive tea with a stainless steel infuser.


Inspire, motivate, and encourage those around you with these wonderful gifts. Success never tasted so good!