Julienne or Batonnet? Crinkle-Cut or Waffle? Bistro-Style or Dredged & Wedged? No matter how you prefer your potatoes sliced and diced, the one-and-only French Fry is a delicious piece of timeless cuisine! We playfully dip or boldly drench, each deep-fried spud in our favorite condiments time and time again. Whether the classic ketchup, gooey melted cheese, creamy ranch dressing, tangy honey mustard, or even the old faithful mayonnaise, there is no incorrect way to dress your serving of crispy greatness. After all, you can even opt for a sweet escape by enjoying sweet potato fries with honey butter and cinnamon! Today as we celebrate National French Fry Day, we say they deliver the joy of enjoying a delicious treat to a client who deserves it! Nothing rewards hard work like appreciation, which is why we say celebrate by sending Le Petit Pains Gift Box!