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Mix It Up

31 Aug, 21

Crunchy almonds. Salty peanuts. Sweet raisins. Creamy chocolate. Yummy bits of granola. Trail mix is quite the eclectic union indeed! Initially created as a high energy snack food for hikers, trail mix grew in popularity due to its lightweight and easy storage properties.

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The Golden Touch

26 Aug, 21

Tantalizingly rich, with a pudding texture, and a creamy concoction once crowned the King of Desserts, Pots De Crème is utterly satisfying. This masterpiece, a baked custard, lightly set and showcased in a tiny pot of its own, holds true to its title - “pot of cream.”

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Did you know that August is acknowledged as National Sandwich Month? While the Earl of Sandwich is often seen as the hero behind this culinary classic, ancient Jewish sage Hillel the Elder is the actual mastermind. He wrapped lamb meat and herbs between matzoh

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Julienne or Batonnet? Crinkle-Cut or Waffle? Bistro-Style or Dredged & Wedged?

No matter how you prefer your potatoes sliced and diced, the one-and-only French Fry is a delicious piece of timeless cuisine!

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Have you ever heard of a “toaster crumpet?”

In 1894, a British immigrant to the state of New York by the name of Samuel Bath Thomas invented this flaky pastry. Now known as the English Muffin, it began as a refined alternative to toast in exquisite hotels. (Yes, this means the English Muffin is not a muffin at all!)

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There are few beverage combinations that match the deliciousness of café au lait.

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Today, we celebrate an irresistibly crunchy, fun-sized, and fluffy phenomenon that we consume 70 million pounds of every year!

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Yummy Eggnog Recipe

24 Dec, 20

With today being National Eggnog Day, and December being National

Eggnog Month, what better time to observe a pleasantly pleasing eggnog recipe?

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The Perfect Date

22 Dec, 20

Since the first recipe appeared in print during the late 1930s, date nut

bread has been a scrumptious, pleasurably dense baked goodie perfect

for enjoyable, health-conscious consumption.

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An ancient Chippewa and Ottawa legend begins with NenawBozhoo, a

god angered by his people’s laziness.

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