Today, we celebrate an irresistibly crunchy, fun-sized, and fluffy phenomenon that we consume 70 million pounds of every year! Also known as “potato pom-poms” in Australia, the Tater Tot has served as a fun and savory side to many an entrée since the 1950s. Their story begins with Nephi and Golden Grigg, and a pile of potato scraps, in 1953. (After all, as the founders of Ore-Ida, they were no strangers to innovation!) After adding seasonings, flour, pushing the concoction through holes, and cutting bite-size pieces – behold, the Tater Tot! Much like the Grigg family, we must always remember to make the most of all that we are given. Remember to let your clients know just how you appreciate them. Munch and crunch your way to happiness today for National Tater Tot Day and be sure to encourage “spud-tacular” standings with a deserving client by sending Le Petit Café Chocolat Gift Box their way today!