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Time to celebrate America's favorite juicy red berry – it’s National Strawberry Shortcake Day! Of course, we can enjoy these freshly picked sweet treats any time of year, but they are best from April to June.

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The Golden Touch

26 Aug, 21

Tantalizingly rich, with a pudding texture, and a creamy concoction once crowned the King of Desserts, Pots De Crème is utterly satisfying. This masterpiece, a baked custard, lightly set and showcased in a tiny pot of its own, holds true to its title - “pot of cream.”

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Get Creative!

17 Aug, 21

Today we celebrate custard in all its glory, specifically with a hint of vanilla! This creamy, rich dessert leaves us breathlessly anticipating the bite. Whether you prefer your custard its own little ramekin or would rather upgrade your pies and doughnuts with a fun-filled surprise in the middle, pure bliss remains the result.

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What is better than a vibrant lemon or a hearty slice of pie? Combining the two, of course! In just three days, we will celebrate National Lemon Meringue Pie Day with delight. Together in perfect harmony, this gorgeous dessert combines tart lemon curd with light, airy meringue for a uniquely balanced citrus surprise.

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Uniquely Satisfying

06 Jul, 21

There are few occurrences that can compare to the sweet satisfaction of relishing in that first bite of a piping hot piece of juicy, freshly fried chicken. Whether deep-fried and served with a smile at your favorite local diner, pan-fried to crispy perfection in mom’s kitchen, or pressure-fried for a healthier approach, each crunchy morsel is simply irresistible.

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Take a second and think of the movie Like Water for Chocolate. As Tita learns to infuse her emotions with her cooking, those who happen to enjoy her delectable entrees are in for a wild ride! She cries into a wedding cake while preparing it as she tries to come to terms with the love of her life being married off – and what happens?

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Today, we celebrate an irresistibly crunchy, fun-sized, and fluffy phenomenon that we consume 70 million pounds of every year!

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The Perfect Date

22 Dec, 20

Since the first recipe appeared in print during the late 1930s, date nut

bread has been a scrumptious, pleasurably dense baked goodie perfect

for enjoyable, health-conscious consumption.

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Many moons ago, chocolatiers decided to hand out small, free,

foil-wrapped samples of their creations to tease their customers’ taste


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Apple cider – a well-known holiday staple seen absolutely

everywhere! Tomorrow is National Apple Cider Day, and we are thrilled

for this fizzy feature.

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