Today we celebrate custard in all its glory, specifically with a hint of vanilla! This creamy, rich dessert leaves us breathlessly anticipating the bite. Whether you prefer your custard its own little ramekin or would rather upgrade your pies and doughnuts with a fun-filled surprise in the middle, pure bliss remains the result. While the Ancient Romans creatively enjoyed Custard Tarts with a variety of flavors, from juicy, fresh fruits, to savory meats and fish, today sweets are more common. To celebrate National Vanilla Custard Day, we say get creative in the same fashion! Add a dollop of whipped cream or throw in some juicy pineapple for fun. Try baking your own homemade strawberry-vanilla custard pie. Let us help you get creative with your client appreciation tactics as well. We are 10 days away from National “Just Because” Day. How about sending our Yellowstone Gift Box “just because” you appreciate them?