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When you’re feeling inspired, you also tend to feel more creative, fulfilled, healthier, and happier. Inspiration can be a powerful experience—but it isn’t always easy if you would like to return the favor and inspire others.

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Chocolate cheer!

18 Oct, 22

Today we celebrate small cakes baked in cups that have been popular since they were first introduced to the American public during the late 18th century. If you haven’t guessed it yet, today is National Chocolate Cupcake Day.

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The Golden Touch

26 Aug, 21

Tantalizingly rich, with a pudding texture, and a creamy concoction once crowned the King of Desserts, Pots De Crème is utterly satisfying. This masterpiece, a baked custard, lightly set and showcased in a tiny pot of its own, holds true to its title - “pot of cream.”

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Get Creative!

17 Aug, 21

Today we celebrate custard in all its glory, specifically with a hint of vanilla! This creamy, rich dessert leaves us breathlessly anticipating the bite. Whether you prefer your custard its own little ramekin or would rather upgrade your pies and doughnuts with a fun-filled surprise in the middle, pure bliss remains the result.

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A Beautiful Mistake

03 Aug, 21

Quite a few of our culinary favorites were born in the aftermath of a beautifully executed accident and the chocolate chip cookie is no different! When Ruth Graves Wakefield ran out of baker’s chocolate, she opted for semi-sweet chocolate in her soft, chewy creations.

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Which dessert, a creamy, custardy masterpiece, is also known as Crema Catalana? How about Trinity Crème? Still drawing a blank? Here’s another hint…

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Guess which juicy, golden fruit begins peaking this month? Peaches!

That’s right! Those freestone and clingstone beauties are ripe for picking in July. Of course, this happens right on time for National Peach Ice Cream Day! (Which is only two days away if you are curious.)

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