Apple cider – a well-known holiday staple seen absolutely everywhere! Tomorrow is National Apple Cider Day, and we are thrilled for this fizzy feature. From festivals, to farmers’ markets, to gatherings, this deliciously spicy beverage accompanies meals and desserts oh-so- well. Cider is composed of fermented fruit, in this case, apples, and is known as ‘hard cider’ when alcohol is added. Other fruits used to created sip-worthy cider are strawberries, passionfruit, rhubarb, and pears, which is also known as perry cider. (Whether it is true or not that Julius Caesar was one of the first to discover cider during his England invasion attempt in 55 B.C., we thank him for getting something right while there!) This year for National Apple Cider Day, celebrate by making apple cider doughnut holes or apple cider pound cake! Also, send a well-deserving client our Bon Nuit Gift Box, a treat they can be sure to enjoy with their next glass of apple cider!