Since the first recipe appeared in print during the late 1930s, date nut bread has been a scrumptious, pleasurably dense baked goodie perfect for enjoyable, health-conscious consumption. Dates have origins in the Middle East and have even been traced back to prehistoric Egypt! Full of nutrients, trace elements, and natural sugars, they are the perfect fruit for a hint of sweetness. Nuts are full of vitamins B2 and E, protein, fiber, and essential minerals. Combining these two healthy powerhouses to create a beautifully baked, rich, moist sweet loaf of bread is simply divine. Whether relished in as a dessert staple, fresh out the oven with a cold glass of milk, or eaten for breakfast, draped in decadence and cream cheese, the sensationalness of date nut bread cannot be denied. Today, for National Date Nut Bread Day, indulge in a yummy slice of date nut bread. Also, use today as the perfect “date” to thank a noteworthy client, and use Le Petit Café Trois Gift Box for the perfect way to do so!