Many moons ago, chocolatiers decided to hand out small, free, foil-wrapped samples of their creations to tease their customers’ taste buds. This practice eventually evolved into the gifting of the famous ‘box of chocolates’ we love to enjoy today! National Chocolates Day will be here in three days, and we are ready to enjoy a few rich, decadent chocolate treats. Whether you prefer creamy centers with their rounded tops, angular fudges with chewy caramel, or solid, crunchy yumminess, assorted chocolates are pure definition of “something for everyone.” Chocolates are the ideal way of showing someone that you care. Loved ones, family members, and colleagues alike can all agree that savoring a little sweetness in the middle of the day is the perfect pick-me-up. Celebrate National Chocolates Day by having some fudgy fun and remember to include a noteworthy client while you are at it! Gift them creatively with our House of Chocolate!