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Did you know that when consumed, roses act as a decongestant, anti-inflammatory, and refrigerant?

Yes, roses are in fact edible, and they host several health benefits!

Here are a few ways that you can snack on the flower of love, along with an amazing rose oil recipe:

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Take a second and think of the movie Like Water for Chocolate. As Tita learns to infuse her emotions with her cooking, those who happen to enjoy her delectable entrees are in for a wild ride! She cries into a wedding cake while preparing it as she tries to come to terms with the love of her life being married off – and what happens?

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’d like to chime in with my thoughts on gifting for this special occasion. 


Ditch the heart-shaped box of chocolates and teddy bears from the local drug store. If you really want to knock it out of the park for that special person in your life, I suggest a more thoughtful approach.


Instead of a random, unmarked assortment of chocolates- which could go terribly wrong if your significant other has any allergies- how about selecting some of his or her favorite type of chocolate or another favorite treat? Here are a few chef-crafted options.


Then perhaps you could pair their favorite treat with a book they’ve been wanting to read or another small item you know they’ve been wanting. Think about it? Would they rather get something that’ll go up on a shelf and collect dust, or something they’ve been wanting that shows you have been listening?


And hey, if it’s really important to you to keep an element of tradition, you can always select some festive wrapping to put your personalized gifts in.  


If you’re gifting for a client, colleague or prospect, consider sending the gift before or intentionally late with a smart message on your card.


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