Tantalizingly rich, with a pudding texture, and a creamy concoction once crowned the King of Desserts, Pots De Crème is utterly satisfying. This masterpiece, a baked custard, lightly set and showcased in a tiny pot of its own, holds true to its title - “pot of cream.” Whether created with chocolate decadence, aromatically pleasing coffee flavors, juicy, freshly sliced fruits, or served with a hint of pumpkin spice for a taste of Autumn, the many different ways to enjoy Pots De Crème are simply endless! Share the joys of a gorgeously golden delight with a client of yours. Tomorrow for National Pots de Crème Day, can you think of someone who deserves to be appreciated for their efforts? Invest in your brand by showing a well-deserving client some gratitude. Sending our Three Feet From Gold Gift Box their way will undoubtedly inspire greatness!