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What is better than a vibrant lemon or a hearty slice of pie? Combining the two, of course! In just three days, we will celebrate National Lemon Meringue Pie Day with delight. Together in perfect harmony, this gorgeous dessert combines tart lemon curd with light, airy meringue for a uniquely balanced citrus surprise.

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Mutts Need Love Too

29 Jul, 21

National Mutt Day is only two days away! This lovely holiday, also seen as National Mixed Breed Dog Day, came to be in 2005. Colleen Paige, a Celebrity Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert and proud Animal Welfare Advocate, selflessly focused her efforts on the beginning of a great legacy. Years later, we continue to celebrate our fur babies with a smile!

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In just two days, we will be enjoying the wonderful celebration of National Tequila Day! Whether with a sweet, frozen strawberry Margarita, a classic Paloma, a delicious Mamasita, or a chilled shot of Patron on the rocks, we say celebrate responsibly with joy. After all, you deserve it!

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Which dessert, a creamy, custardy masterpiece, is also known as Crema Catalana? How about Trinity Crème? Still drawing a blank? Here’s another hint…

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Man’s Best Friend – our little, or large, fluffy companion that we cannot imagine life without. Our dogs are a part of our families, their personalities just as loveable and present as those of our loved ones. (Sometimes we wish we could trade them for our loved ones!) This

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July is National Culinary month and while most of us don’t have a fancy white toque, a professional set of cutting knives or, a five-star rating, we do appreciate the creative skills and culinary expertise of our favorite chefs. 

Folklore says the first brownies were the result of a careless cook who forgot to put baking powder in her chocolate cake batter. We’re okay with that happy mishap because it resulted in one of our all-time favorite comfort foods, brownies, and we bring our unique culinary creativity to this nostalgic fudgy treat that smells as good as it tastes.

This delectable tower of chocolate yum is made from scratch with the finest cocoa, free range eggs and farm fresh butter. It’s the perfect way to show thanks to that very special someone.

Packaged in our classic black gift box, these decadent confections will satisfy even the deepest chocolate cravings. Recommended pairing…a cold glass of milk!

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